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Can't decide which flavour to choose? No problem, get them all!!.

Don't worry, we understand. We allso think all of them look delicious, so we created this combo for people like us:

-1 Quindim

-3 Flipped Custards of different flavors.

-1 Apple Crumble

-1 Pineapple-orange crumble.


A perfect set for 2 hungry people (or for yourself, we don't judge):


 -6 Cheese Bunns

 -2 Chicken Empanadas*

 -2 Flipped Custards of any flavor

 -1 Herbal Yuzu drink (330ml)

 -1 Pineapple Tea drink (330ml)

*If you prefer Beef Empanadas instead of Chicken Empanadas, add 10THB to the set price for each one. 


An ideal combination for your family that will make everyone happy and full!:


  -12 Cheese Bunns

  -4 Chicken or Beef Empanadas

  -2 Apple or Pineapple-Orange Crumbles

  -2 Flipped Custards of any flavor

  -1 Emoliente drink (1000ml)

  -1 Herbal Yuzu drink (1000ml)


For those times when you bring together all your friends and family. Yes, we know, it's a lot of mouths to feed; but don't worry, we got your back!

We got a lot of food and drinks that will make everybody happy:


 -12 Cheese Bunns

 -12 Choclo Cake pieces

 -6 Chicken or Beef Empanadas

 -3 Flipped Custards of any flavor

 -3 Apple or Pineapple-Orange Crumbles

 -2 Emoliente drinks (1000ml)

 -2 Herbal Yuzu drinks (1000ml)

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